Vote Against Proposition B

Prop B is Bad for Houston


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The truth about proposition b

Why is proposition B on the ballot?

In January 2018, the Houston firefighters' union turned down and walked away from the City Council's offer of a 9.5 percent pay increase over three years — valued at $69 million.

They decided instead to ask voters to approve Proposition B on this fall's ballot for a stunning 25 percent pay increase.

By itself, Proposition B would add an additional $100 million in costs to the city budget every year.

Blowing an additional $100 million hole in the city budget — every year — would force police and fire layoffs, slash other services, and bust the revenue cap to raise taxes and fees.

No matter how you look at it, Proposition B is a bad deal for Houston taxpayers. We can do better.

We have only one responsible choice: Vote AGAINST Prop B.

Mayor Turner Agrees: Vote Against Prop B

If Proposition B passes, delivering on the firefighter salary hike could mean laying off police officers, firefighters and municipal employees, cutting hours at community centers, swimming pools and libraries, reducing parks maintenance, delaying municipal court cases and permitting, interrupting garbage service and other cuts.

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Vote against proposition B

Prop B is Bad for Houston